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Why Your Ex Doesn’t Want You Back

1. They Found Them

This time around there is someone new in their life that does not necessarily make them feel better than you did but different. Your ex wants to explore a side of themselves which you were not able to nurture. You may tell yourself that you can do it if they just give you the chance but each individual is different. You can offer certain things in a relationship as you see them; the new person has a completely different perspective when it comes to your ex. No one can see everything.

2. The Roller Coaster

Yes when it was good between the two of you; it was fantastic. The love, laughter, sex and fun could not be matched. But when it was bad it could be downright horrible. Sure you always kissed and made up but riding a never ending roller coaster of emotions can wear anyone out. It’s not that your ex will never argue with the new person in their life; it’s just the peaks and valleys may not so frequent and disparate.

3. The Restless Wind

They may still love you and care for you but they have come to the conclusion this relationship has gone about as far as it can go. They are hungry for something and someone new. You may be able to provide them with the something but not the someone. For many couples change in a relationship means a complete break. Anything less will not work.

The things you two shared will always stay with you in one form or another but to cherish what the two of you had may require a clean break. If they want to end the relationship than it’s probably best that you respect their wishes. Fighting to hold on to someone who deep down in their heart really does not want to be there is a hollow victory.