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Tips to Make Your Ex Back

# Cut Off Contact

Do not contact your ex for about a month. Yes, this actually works for a variety of reasons. First, you can limit the harm already done by damaging words when both of your tempers and emotions are running quite high. Second, you and your ex will have time to work on yourselves.

You should understand that going back too soon can bring any number of issues up and lead to further estrangement. You want to give yourself a month to formulate a plan so you don’t lose him or her forever. Never wing this issue if you really want to bring him or her back to you.

# Solve Your Own Problems

Remember that Hollywood movies are a work of fiction. No one but yourself can solve your problems. This means you will have to solve these problems on your own and in your own time. You will have to get your life back on track by yourself. Yes, you can feel the pain that occurs from the breakup but don’t let it rule your life. Get back on your feet and move forward with life.

You should also not rely on your ex to help you in the rebuilding you process. A well formulated plan to win him back should also not have his or her input. If you want to get them back, you need to be the one that keeps the plan moving forward.

# Be With People Who Care About You

After a breakup, do the things and spend time with the people you haven’t spent near as much time with during your relationship. Having those who love you and care about you can make you feel so much better. These people can help bring your self-esteem and confidence back up. They also will help to alleviate the pain you are feeling, making the road to recovery a little easier.

The worst thing a needy person can do is to take a person’s kindness too far. They are people, not things. While they are there for you, don’t burden them too heavily with your problems. They do have their own problems to deal with. Though they can give you good advice, be sure to assume responsibility for your own predicaments.

By following these 3 tips, you can have your ex back beside you in no time. However, be sure it is really what you want. Be prepared with some sort of plan. Doing so, you are already ahead of the game.